In June 2012, Patrik Somers came up with a unique idea to create a powerful book about values. Phil Clothier, CEO of “ValueCentre.com” liked the idea and enthusiastically supported the project and issued an e-mail to all 4000+ CTT Consultants all over the world, proposing as a new book Initiative. As specialists in working with values, these CTT consultants came together to help write this unique book. “A World Book Of Values” is written to help understand and align values – between families, communities and corporations. In the first round of value selection, I have chosen “Chaos” as my first value write-up. Once I started working on this “Chaos” value, the process had a significant impact on me personally and professionally. This is one of the best thing happened to me as a new CTT consultant certified in July 2011. Later, I selected 6 more values (Total of Seven) and started reflecting on them for next several months Here are the links to the 7 articles:

As a result of this, a totally new “JAIHO Process” emerged out of this meditative pondering and reflection process. Thanks to Patrik Somers, Phil Clothier and Richard Barrett Values Centre Organization for this wonderful opportunity to be part of this project. I was so happy to receive a special edition copy of “A World Book of Values" in December 2013. What a joy to be part of this wonderful book project created by 254 CTT consultants from 28 countries all over the world.